Many businesses have experimented with marketing material on blog sites such as WordPress and Blogger, but it’s time to give Tumblr some attention too! Tumblr is a micro-blogging site that allows its users to post links, video, audio, photos, text and quotes to their page. The difference between microblogs and traditional blogs is that microblogs allow users to share smaller elements of content for their readers. So what makes this good for business?

Tumblr is designed for fast and easy blog posts. It’s a perfect social network if you’re looking to post a picture or a video of a new product or service. If users like one of your mini blog posts, they have the ability to like or reblog your post. When a user reblogs a post, it shows up on their tumblelog, enabling all of their followers to see it. When a user likes a blog, it will show up in their liked posts on their profile. On a post, you may see that it has received X amount of notes. Notes are the total amount of reblogs and likes that specific blog has received. The picture below shows an example of what that will look like.The environment on Tumblr is made for discovering and sharing. When a company posts interesting text, videos, photos, etc, the content has the ability to spread among a large consumer base very quickly. For example, our blog above, “How to Design Your Social Media Monitoring Plan,” received 266 notes. That means our blog and our brand showed up on 266 different profiles and tumblelogs, and probably reached thousands of people.

Before you decide to build a Tumblr page for your business, it is important to look at the demographics of the users on the platform. The platform receives 25.2 million visitors each month. According to the chart below, over 50% of Tumblr visits come from people under the age of 35. If you are marketing to a younger demographic, this may be one of the best platforms to use for your business. A great example of a Tumblr account that reaches out to teenagers is Coca-Cola’s Happiness Is page.Keep in mind though, that Tumblr is only 5 years old. Early adaptors are usually younger consumers, but the older demographics tend to follow thereafter. Maybe Tumblr will be seeing more visits from an older demographic this year!

Additionally, more females (54%) tend to use Tumblr than males (46%). For more information about Tumblr demographics, check out Quantcast.

As of January 5th, 2012, Tumblr has over 39.5 million blogs, and you can expect to see even more this year! If you are interested in having a Tumblr blog managed for your business, do not hesitate to contact PMC today!