Social Media Spotlight: Swipes Lovin Wipes

This week’s featured company for our Social Media Spotlight is Swipes Lovin Wipes. An eco-friendly company owned by women, Swipes is dedicated to providing safe and natural wipes specifically designed for use before or after intimate moments. To purchase Swipes Lovin Wipes  We had the pleasure of speaking with Anthony Scott, Director of Business Development for Swipes Lovin Wipes, and here is what he had to say:

What social media platforms do you currently use?

A: We use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr

What value, if any, does social media provide to your business?

A: I would have to say we do 85%+ marketing and advertising online, primarily through social media outlets. If somebody doesn’t know that they can get a bigger bang for their buck marketing online than putting an ad in Cosmo, they are out of their mind.

Which social media platform works best for your business?

A: Facebook. From an 18 year old to an 80 year old, everyone has a Facebook, whether it is used for personal or business purposes.

How has social media impacted your business in terms of ROI and sales?

A: Between Twitter and Facebook alone, we’ve got somewhere in the ballpark of 14,000 followers who wouldn’t know that we existed if it wasn’t for social media. (Monetary statistics were withheld for financial privacy of the company.)

Do you have any advice for companies who are on the fence about social media?

A: Get off the fence and realize it’s 2011. Notice GE has a Facebook and Twitter. Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark and Pepsi all have social sites. Follow what works; don’t try to reinvent the wheel, and adjust with the times.

Is there any social media strategy that you would like to improve or do differently?

A: If we were somehow able to filter through what information is pertinent or not, we would like to improve that aspect. Some people load up your wall with information that isn’t relevant to anything you are doing. We appreciate having a targeted fanbase that interacts with our company on a significant level.

Swipes Lovin Wipes has done a fantastic job with their social media marketing campaign. Swipes offers a superior product compared to traditional methods of cleaning before or after an intimate moment. Their social media strategy is working, and it is only a matter of time before these wipes are a household brand. To purchase Swipes for yourself, visit their websiteor Spencers. Swipes will also be available . We look forward to following Swipes and their social media efforts, and see how fast they climb the social media ladder.