Progressive Media Concepts has built relationships with a variety of bloggers in order to offer additional marketing services to our clients. Blogger Outreach Campaigns are an excellent way to spread brand awareness about your company’s products or services. The bloggers that PMC are affiliated with host reviews and/or giveaways on their site for our client’s products. What does this mean for your company? Increased exposure! These externally hosted reviews and giveaways expose your product or service to thousands of blog subscribers, Facebook users and Twitter followers that you have not yet networked with.
Does your company struggle to build a social media fan base? The Blogger Outreach Campaign will not only increase brand exposure, but it will also increase the number of your Facebook and Twitter fans within a few weeks. The best part is, the new Facebook and Twitter followers that you have gained from the Blogger Outreach Campaign clearly have an interest in your product or service, as they already entered to win it!
Blogger Outreach Campaigns consist of the following:
• Working with bloggers of your choice to set up review and/or giveaway and throughout the entire process.
• Creating and managing spreadsheets of the reviews, giveaways and bloggers.
• Providing client with all shipping information and results from giveaways.
• Posting all giveaways and reviews to Facebook and Twitter pages.
• Creating a public collection of all the reviews and giveaways done for your company.

Bloggers Affiliated with Progressive Media Concepts

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