Meet Nicole

Nicole Introcaso Progressive Media ConceptsI fell in love with marketing when I was 18 years old. I applied to Northeastern University knowing exactly what I wanted to major in. During college, I worked at 3 full-time marketing internships, which only further confirmed my fondness of the field.
After graduating, I did the responsible thing and went on a road trip around the United States. Late to the game in job searching, I was approached with the idea of launching a social media marketing company, and PMC was born.
Five years later, I am still sitting here watching social media continue to change the marketing landscape. When I started this business, there was no such thing as Instagram. Pinterest was a baby, and Facebook ads did not exist. (Am I outdating myself?) I feel like I have grown up working on these sites and strategizing for every new curve ball they throw my way.
My favorite part about this job, though, is working with my clients and learning about their industries. It keeps things interesting. The longevity of certain projects has helped me build lasting relationships with my clients, and some of them have truly become family.
So before I get too emotional on my About page, I would like to end with this. If you are a business playing with the idea of using social media or email marketing, or if you know that you need help in creative marketing, you need to invest now. Businesses will only flourish once an up-to-date, long-term marketing strategy is implemented. Let PMC take the workload off your hands. I promise to make it fun!
For any questions, or if you just want to say hi, email me @ nicoleintrocaso@progressivemediaconcepts.com. (Longest email address ever.)
Nicole Introcaso, Owner

About PMC

About Progressive Media ConceptsProgressive Media Concepts is a full-service social media management and creative marketing company that launched in December, 2010, in response to the ever-growing trend of social media marketing.
PMC specializes in start-ups and small businesses in the food, fashion and lifestyle industries. We work with a variety of young companies who are looking to build brand awareness and expand their web presence through different marketing outlets. We also have experience with existing brands that just need some fine-tuning.
PMC understands the importance of consumer engagement and the need for brands to join in on the online conversations taking place about their products or services. We focus on each client individually, creating personalized and targeted marketing campaigns that are driven by short-term and long-term goals.