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Why You Need to Create Visual Content for Your Social Media Sites

It’s no revelation that your brand needs to be a part of the visual content revolution. Social media users and consumers love photos. Photos are liked twice as much as a plain text update on Facebook. So you should just keep posting pictures of your products on your timeline, right? Wrong. It’s time to take your text content and photo content and combine them. You know that statistic you were going to tweet or that inspirational quote you wanted to share? Create an image to showcase those words. Do you have an upcoming promotion or sale? Write about it on a picture. Then brand it.

The goal of posting visual content is to increase engagement and have your audience feel the need to share it with their peers. Your graphic should include a relevant image, a quote, a stat or a promo, your logo and your website (see blog picture). Branding your image is the most important aspect of its creation. Imagine posting your visual graphic to Pinterest and having it repinned 100 times. That means thousands of people are seeing your brand name and website URL.

The best part of graphic content is that it’s so easy to create! I didn’t graduate college with a degree in graphic design, nor do I have Photoshop. I use a website called Pixlr, a free Internet version of Photoshop, to create all of my images. Then I take my work masterpieces and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

It’s important that you size your image correctly so that it shows up perfectly on your social sites. For Facebook, create your image to be 400 X 400 pixels. For Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, I create images sized at 350 X 350 pixels, although Pinterest image sizes can be up to 736 pixels wide X unlimited pixels long.

I began creating visual graphics for one of my clients. She’s a Yogi and she’s awesome. Her content strategy incorporates daily inspiration for her audience. A quote that makes people feel good goes a long way. Check out the gallery of photo quotes that I have created for her over the year and share your thoughts (and the images)!

If you are in need of someone who can create visual content for your social media sites because you don’t have the time or knowledge, send me an email at Otherwise, go get your graphic design on!


Nicole Introcaso

Nicole Introcaso

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