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PMC in the Press for Social Wellness Month: The Importance of Building Social Relationships with Your Customers

Progressive Media Concepts recently had the opportunity to write an article for Westchester Networking for Professionals. Each month, WNFP highlights different events for businesses to write about. July is celebrating National Social Wellness Month, and PMC thought it would be extremely helpful for businesses to learn about the importance of building social relationships with their customers. In the article, you will find information on how to give your brand a personality and how you can build trust between your company and its consumers. Times are changing and so is the way we communicate from a business standpoint. The consumers are now the ones doing the talking; your business is there to join in on the conversation that’s already happening! Read the full article below.

It’s just as important for businesses to build social relationships as it is for peers to maintain them in their personal lives.

When we think about building social relationships one would normally think about creating and tending to friendships and other interpersonal relationships. However, businesses need to make and nurture relationships as well; strong business to business as well as business to customer relationships are what can set your company apart from the competition. Fortunately, as technology progresses our relationships get easier to manage. Social media is a great way to build long-lasting relationships with consumers from a business standpoint, and as daunting as it may sound if you aren’t familiar with the social media wave, it’s really not that difficult!

First and foremost, your company must have something that makes it different from all of the other companies in that industry. Your business needs a personality; consumers are much more likely to do business with a brand that they can connect with rather than something they see as an untouchable corporation. It’s good to be seen as professional, but not necessarily corporate.

After you have a brand personality and know your audience, get onto social websites that will best target your audience and the type of relationships you want to have. If you are looking to sell a product, service, or to convey a message to consumers, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest may be good for you. If your brand is looking for more business-to-business interactions, then LinkedIn would likely benefit you.

Once you are set up on the websites, start using them! Social media finally gives consumers the voice that they want when it comes to their relationships with a brand. Ask the consumers questions through tweets and posts to start a conversation with them. Use their ideas and customer-created content to start advertising campaigns. Make sure that your customers feel heard by always responding to their feedback and by letting them do the talking… and actually listening to what they’re saying! There is nothing a person dislikes more than when their advice is asked for and then ignored. Listening builds trust, a key part in any type of relationship.

Consumers stay with brands that they trust. If a company betrays a customer’s trust even once, then they may as well say goodbye to that individual’s business as well as all of their close friends and family. When a customer does trust a company however, it can benefit the company for years to come. Many parents pass down the products and services they trust most to their children and the movement continues. There is a reason that some families are Coca-Cola families while others are only Pepsi; both companies have built brand loyalty through trust. Obviously, times are very different for start-up companies now as compared the days of “pop,” and consumers have a lot more to say and more ways to say it.

Social media has added a cyber dimension to relationships. Many people use this technology for a large portion of their social interactions whether we like it or not. It’s changing the way that we communicate. For businesses, it means that the consumers now have the power for once. Consumers want to be heard and if your company doesn’t hear them they will move onto someone that will.

Maybe you don’t know how to go about getting onto this new social media bandwagon. New technology can be very overwhelming, especially when it’s different from what you are used to. Nevertheless, it is a part of the business world that is now crucial. Fortunately, Progressive Media Concepts, based in Rye Brook, NY specializes in helping small businesses with all of their social media needs. PMC will help lead you to the correct platform to create the best possible relationships with your target audience. PMC specifies each of its client’s experiences to the needs of the company and their customers. As a small business itself, PMC understands the importance of social media in a professional setting very well and would proudly guide any of its customers out of the media blackout into the light.

Social media is the way of the future. Relationships will never be the same as they were ten years, five years, or even a year ago. Companies need to take action or you will be left behind. Instead of fighting the concept of social media, wouldn’t it be easier to just go along with it and help enhance your business? Not having good social relationships can only hurt a company and never help it. If you do not have a social media presence that is updated daily, it’s time to jump on the social media bandwagon!

If you are interested in increasing your web presence and developing a social media marketing campaign, do not hesitate to contact Progressive Media Concepts today!

Nicole Introcaso

Nicole Introcaso

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