Progressive Media Concepts Client Testimonial: Aunt Sassy’s Sauces

Progressive Media Concepts Client Testimonial: Aunt Sassy’s Sauces

Progressive Media Concepts, social media marketing, social media management, Aunt Sassy's Sauces PMC has been working with Aunt Sassy’s Sauces for just about 6 months! During this time, we have managed Aunt Sassy’s Facebook, Twitter, blog and conducted PR campaigns for the brand. Aunt Sassy’s Slightly Naughty Sauces are all-natural and gluten-free! Perfect as a marinade or a dip, these sauces come in 3 delicious BBQ flavors. You can learn more about Aunt Sassy’s here, but first, see what our client had to say about PMC’s work!



“Aunt Sassy’s Sauces contracted with Progressive Media Concepts (PMC) in December of 2011 to be responsible for the creation and management of her social media outlets. 

Over the last three months, we have seen a growth in new visitors to our website by 50%, with an average time on the site of 3:32 minutes.  PMC creates three blogs a week for Aunt Sassy; an informational blog, a recipe blog and cooking tips. These blogs are engaging, creative and targeted to our demographic consumer base.

The company’s vibrant energy and creativity is why Aunt Sassy’s Sauces made the decision to choose PMC as her social media management team.  We feel that PMC captured the voice of Aunt Sassy.  We are confident that their knowledge will continue to increase awareness in the social media world for us.

At this time we are enjoying an open interactive dialogue with PMC and would highly recommend them for your company.”

To get a look at the social media sites PMC is currently managing for Aunt Sassy, visit the following links:

Aunt Sassy’s Facebook

Aunt Sassy’s Twitter

Aunt Sassy’s Blog

Nicole Introcaso

Nicole Introcaso

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