How to Use Facebook Offers

How to Use Facebook Offers

If you thought that Facebook would stop coming out with new features for its users after the Timeline was launched, you were mistaken. Facebook is now offering a new feature for brand pages, Facebook Offers. Although this feature has only been unleashed in certain places such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Turkey, more brands can expect to see it on their pages shortly. You can also find Facebook Offers on pages of large brands in the United States.

What is Facebook Offers? Facebook Offers allows business pages to publish deals for their fans. When a fan clicks on Get Offer under the post, they will receive an email that they can print off and bring to the business for a discount. For example, Macy’s has recently listed an offer for an extra 25% off. (Refer to photo below.)


 After clicking on the offer, a message box pops up that informs you an email has been sent with the discount information. You can print this email out and take it to the business or show the email on your mobile phone to the business.


Fans must redeem their offers by the expiration date. Customers will not be able to use these discounts at any point after that date.

How to set up a Facebook Offer: Only certain brand pages will be eligible to use the Facebook Offers feature. If your brand has the Facebook Offers feature, you will notice an “Offer, Event” option in your status update box.



Click on the Offer, Event option and a drop down menu will appear. From there, select Offer. Now your customizable offer box will be in front of you. Make sure you create an attention-grabbing headline (that only takes up 90 characters) and thumbnail for your offer. Beneath those boxes, you will notice that you can set the expiration date, number of claims and terms and conditions.

Once your offer has been all set up, click preview in the bottom right-hand corner. If you like how it has turned out, post it to your wall! Now all of your fans can see what discounts your brand is offering.

Tips for Using Facebook Offers:

  • Discounts that are over 20% usually perform well.
  • Offers that give away something for free receive a lot of claims.
  • Use headlines that focus on the discount instead of marketing phrases or slogans.
  • Keep headlines short – you only have 90 characters to work with!
  • Keep your terms and conditions simple.
  • Try to use photos of people using your product instead of just the product itself.
  • Make your expiration date reasonable; give it a few days to take off.
  • Pin your offer to the top of your Facebook Timeline.

Have you experimented with Facebook Offers? If so, how has it turned out for you? Please leave all comments and suggestions below!

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